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Terms of Use

We welcome your participation on Talk.Annoy. Our goal is to encourage passionate discussion and robust debate on any topic. In order to enjoy the benefits the site offers, we require our users to follow a few basic guidelines:

You cannot upload to the Web site anything that violates any United States law.

Talk.Annoy cannot honor requests to remove posts after posting them except when such postings, in our sole discretion, violate our policies. In other words, think before you post. We cannot prevent people from thinking you’re an idiot.

Posting messages to forums can make your email address available to others if you so choose, although our software will automatically default to your user name. Revealing your email address enables others to access private information about you. If they can, they probably will. Privacy is a privilege not a right, but maintaining and protecting it rests in your hands not ours. (For more information on our privacy policy, click here.)

Questions regarding the use of email addresses in forums should be directed to

While we do not, cannot and will not review every message posted on Talk.Annoy and are not responsible for the content of these messages, we reserve the right to delete or edit messages that we deem necessary for whatever reason, in our sole discretion. We reserve the right to remove the posting privileges of any user at any time.

Repeatedly posting messages or "spamming" Talk.Annoy by posting the same message in multiple topics or otherwise deliberately thwarting communications is unacceptable conduct that may result in the user losing all forum privileges and access to our site.

Users remain solely responsible for the content of their messages.

Talk.Annoy and are not about harassment and definitely not about harm or violence. We do not to dictate anything or influence the content of Talk.Annoy. Instead, we explore it to learn more about how people relate to one another electronically, so that the shape, development and direction of our technologies in the area of communications are engineered with a deep and comprehensive understanding of people and behavior in a digital environment.

Talk.Annoy represent a diverse range of people, cultures, philosophies, nationalities races, religions, sexualities and insights. The challenge it presents and rewards it offers is that members with wildly varying philosophical insights learn to focus a common purpose and protect the one and only thing they all have in common in the only space that offers the kind of freedom Talk.Annoy offers. An experiment in communication with free expression as its core objective and with the kind of legal muscle we use to back it up.

For more information on our commitment to free speech and privacy, please visit History.

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