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Subject: Join the Patriotic Christians for Bush Values
Posted: 10/16/2004 2:23:00 PM

Iíve been thinking, and listening to the boob tube a lot.

I have changed my mind. Itís a new century and I want to make it a good one. I am an American and I have no obligation to submit myself to any courts or abide by any laws. Itís my right because I am an American and thatís the way things are now.

I have gotten with some like minded Christians who are also tired of the amoral way this society has gotten to be. We have been living in fear for far too long. Fear of street gangs. Fear of druggies. Fear of whores. Fear of non-white people. Fear of faggots.

We have begun to go out and defend our lifestyle. Our own defense. We are at war on drugs and wars are hard and ugly. We have gone out a few times and we killed gangbangers in preemptive strikes because we just knew they were trying to get weapons to use against us maybe one day. Well, they could have. If they had anyway. Okay, so we didnít actually find any weapons, but we are sure they would have gotten some if they could. Yeah yeah there were some neighborhood people killed, we didnít count exactly. But the remaining neighbors are now free from drugs and gang violence. Freedom is on the march!

We killed some whores, pimps, guys who looked an awful lot like they might have been selling drugs. All in preemptive strikes for our own safety and defense. Got us a few gays before they could corrupt innocent kids. We bombed some abortion clinics and killed some of the abortive terrorists who kill little babies.

Freedom is on the march! We are Americans and Christians and we will NEVER give our safety and defense to some law or court. What our hero, George Bush, does for this country on an international scale, we are doing locally for him. We are soldiers for the Bush wars. To anyone who would terrorize our neighborhoods and our morality we say, bring it on! We have our example and we are willing, and it IS a war of the willing.

I invite all of you to join our war of whatever we feel like doing. We call it our Ė blow me if you donít like it Ė war on things we have decided we want to go to war for.

Kill for Christ! Do it today.

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