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Federal ''Rapid Response Teams'' Used in Police RaidsBaRbArIaN16/11/2001 9:13:00 AM6/11/2001 12:17:00 PM
Brittish Angst Against USBaRbArIaN46/11/2001 7:22:00 PM6/13/2001 8:40:00 AM
California Passes Defacto Gun BanBaRbArIaN16/13/2001 10:47:00 AM6/14/2001 3:13:00 PM
Macedonians Denied Defense RightBaRbArIaN16/14/2001 9:30:00 AM6/14/2001 3:16:00 PM
Barbara Boxer is a CuntTheInfamousThey46/16/2001 4:33:00 PM6/18/2001 3:34:00 PM
If they banned all guns...FelixTheEngine26/19/2001 12:07:00 PM6/19/2001 2:45:00 PM
Another reason why to pack heatTheInfamousThey46/24/2001 11:07:00 PM6/25/2001 8:25:00 AM
War Games to Practice US Troops Disarming CiviliansBaRbArIaN346/25/2001 9:33:00 AM6/27/2001 1:45:00 PM
NRA Joins With Anti-Gun Org in North CarolinaBaRbArIaN46/26/2001 10:14:00 AM6/27/2001 12:52:00 PM
We The STATETheInfamousThey106/29/2001 2:41:00 PM7/4/2001 4:58:00 AM
Nuns With GunsBaRbArIaN67/1/2001 8:22:00 AM7/4/2001 8:30:00 AM
Guns don't kill people------Doctors doTheInfamousThey97/4/2001 2:06:00 PM7/7/2001 5:09:00 PM
UN Thinks Letters from US Gunowners ''Security Threat''BaRbArIaN67/6/2001 9:27:00 AM7/10/2001 9:39:00 AM
The Pot calling the Kettle armeduhnoi27/6/2001 10:15:00 AM7/6/2001 2:58:00 PM
Women Gunowners Sound OffBaRbArIaN107/11/2001 9:14:00 AM4/26/2002 8:24:00 PM
Justice Dept. About to Correct Stance on 2nd AmendmentBaRbArIaN37/11/2001 1:47:00 PM7/13/2001 7:54:00 PM
UK: Less Guns More Crime...Surprise!BaRbArIaN87/17/2001 9:01:00 AM7/20/2001 3:41:00 PM
Illinois Starts Confiscations with Registration ListsBaRbArIaN17/17/2001 9:43:00 AM7/17/2001 4:43:00 PM
Here Come the ''Gun Czars''...BaRbArIaN37/24/2001 9:38:00 AM12/14/2001 9:01:00 AM
More Lies From The UN About Gun ContolTheInfamousThey27/25/2001 6:43:00 AM7/26/2001 12:26:00 PM
FUCKING NEW JERSEY...FelixTheEngine37/25/2001 9:35:00 AM7/26/2001 12:38:00 PM
Aussie Gun Owners to Be Further HarrassedBaRbArIaN157/26/2001 9:35:00 AM7/31/2001 11:57:00 AM
Diane Feinstein/Fineswine Lies AgainBaRbArIaN307/30/2001 10:15:00 AM12/31/2001 3:36:00 PM
Another Reason I Don't Travel To MassachussettsBaRbArIaN17/31/2001 9:05:00 PM8/1/2001 7:54:00 AM
Stupid Parentslexie58/1/2001 4:41:00 PM8/3/2001 3:19:00 AM
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